Global Communication Consultants

Project Management

Need help with a global project?

We provide counseling and support from planning to implementation bringing to the table decades of experience working across cultures and in multi-national teams.

Combining the skills, perspectives and diversity of individuals from various backgrounds is the most powerful asset of an international team.

Empowering each team member to apply themselves in the best way is a necessity to take your plans to the next level. As soon as you enter the global dialog, you become a team connection that can span over several continents and cultures. Juggling different accents, behaviors and work styles while directing a project is a skill that you are expected to contribute.

The recent pandemic has confined communication even more to geographic distance and online tools increasing the difficulty to connect for a coordinated effort.

How do you need to act so your team performs efficiently? How do you address and resolve conflict? How do you avoid miscommunication? After all, what is acceptable in one culture may be offensive in another. Missing the mark can have costly consequences.

Knowledge and preparation towards an inclusive and motivating global team experience are essential to navigate a complex international project.

Continuously assuring each team member that their opinion is important and they add value to achieving the common goal is a corner stone of a successful cooperation.