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Coping with cultural differences remains one of the biggest challenges in our global community today. More than ever communication across regions and continents has become an indispensable necessity to achieve progress, regardless of the communication channels we use. The “New Normal” has limited our mobility and reduced the opportunities for socializing and personal contact. Still, our ability to maneuver through a diverse landscape of global interaction determines how we grow as a business unit, as professionals and as a society.

Why we exist

Decades of living and working across different cultures have taught us that daring to leave our comfort zone brings the reward of broadening our horizon and adds countless opportunities. Through communication we connect. Yet, to maximize on our experiences and to seize opportunities, we must learn to adapt our communication style to different audiences with varying backgrounds and views while being true to ourselves.

We encourage you to discover new pathways and help you along the way

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Whether you consider expanding to new horizons and are uncertain about how to take the first step or whether you are a global player in need of support on a project, we at Exploring Concepts are passionate about helping connect worlds and bridging the communication gap.


Stefanie Wakata

Born and raised in Germany, Wakata’s career path in the communication field began with Ikegami Electronics (Europe) GmbH in Neuss, Germany as PR assistant where she was responsible for B2B media relations, marketing and corporate communication.

After relocating to Houston, Texas in the US, she served as Senior Account Executive at Houston-based Griffin Integrated Marketing (now Griffin Group), a full-service marketing communications agency for over 6 years serving a wide range of client accounts, from entertainment, hospitality and regional economic development to telecommunications and manufacturing.

Following, Wakata founded Exploring Concepts, Ltd. Co. in Houston, offering strategic cultural integration services for expat professionals and for local professionals working in a multi-national environment.

After relocating to Japan, Wakata joined Dentsu Public Relations, Inc.’s head office in Tokyo in the role of corporate advisor global communications for 4 years providing global communications strategy consulting and support for client accounts and global projects.

Recently, Wakata launched Exploring Concepts Japan offering strategic global communication consulting services for in- and out-bound client projects.

Stefanie holds a diploma (B.A. equivalent) in Japanese and economics from Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelm University, Bonn, Germany and earned an MBA from the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business, U.S.A.

Thinking global means thinking big picture.